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This summer is kicking off-to-be a HOT one so far! To beat the heat and stay cool, I’ve been seeing a lot of girls in the city wearing textured, slightly disheveled top knots. That’s not so new, but what I’ve seen them accessorising with is! This leads me to the first thing I’m obsessed with which are these “Athens” double braided, leatherette headbands from What’s great about them is the price! They’re a steal at $10 and they come in a variety of colors from metallic to neon. I personally like the idea of wearing two at the same time for more of an impact.


The site has some unique and inexpensive hair accessories to add something special to your next updo.

The second thing I’m obsessed with is Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray. It’s my go-to product when working with hair that is too clean and soft. It creates an amazing foundation to do a variety of looks. It builds body, adds volume and creates texture to limp hair and also absorbs oil at the root. The other great things to note is the amazing fragrance and that it leaves no powdery residue!


So, try the two things together. Spray the Oribe spray throughout, from roots to ends and gather into a high ponytail. Next, lightly back brush the ponytail and loosely twist around the base of the ponytail and pin into place. Finish off with one or two of the “Athens” headbands. That’s it! It’s clean and fresh and current! That’s your July Hair Fix, enjoy!

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog entry…just got back from the Papal Conclave! The Cardinal’s are diva’s about their hair and Francis is a product whore! j/k.

I wanted to kick-off this entry with something fun and something that you all can incorporate into your daily styling routine…Headbands! I’ve been obsessed with this trend since I did hair at the 2010 CFDA awards (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and I was part of the Donna Karan hair team. A main part of the look were these thick patent leather headbands. They were so graphic, made a big impact and added drama to the look.


We just saw this trend continue in Pamella Roland’s Fall 2013 collection at NY Fashion Week. It has also trickled down into more wearable, commercial styles. In fact, it’s a huge wedding trend now where brides- to-be are ditching the traditional veil for decorative headbands.


Nicole Richie has her own line of “hair jewelry”, a.k.a. fancy headband’s under her fashion label, “House of Harlow”. The line is mostly metals which does give the feel of jewelry for the head. Some of the styles give a 1970’s boho vintage impression.


Other celebrities like, Olivia Wilde, Amanda Seyfried, and Emma Stone are embracing the trend in a more casual, classic way.


Another way to incorporate a headband, if you don’t have one, is to use your own hair! I love this look! A simple three strand braid that’s started underneath in the back and wrapped around the top of your head can make a great headband. Again, it’s just about taking your look and adding some charm and interest to it.


So, next time you’re heading out the door, stop, check the mirror and think about adding a headband. Try a piece of ribbon, a braid or a colorful shoe lace if you’re desperate…just remember to keep it simple.

Gotta run…I have to ship Frank his extra hold hairspray.