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Part 2: The Consultation

When you’ve made a decision and booked an appointment, the actual consultation you have is the key in my opinion, to a great service. Regardless of how high-end the salon is or how much money you plan on spending, a bad consultation is a bad consultation and a good one is a good one. It can happen at any price point. A good consultation should cover, but not limited to the following key points:

  • The last time your hair was cut or colored
  • Scalp issues
  • Hair quirks, i.e. cowlicks and whirls
  • Discuss good/bad hair experiences (hair history)
  • Talk about hair goals (growing it out or going blonder)
  • Your lifestyle (how much time will be required)
  • How skilled are you with styling your hair
  • Upkeep, how often will you need to come back to maintain the look
  • What type of hair care you currently use
  • Ask the stylist if they will show you some quick tips to style the cut
  • Present any pictures or ideas

I think the main thing that goes wrong in a consultation is basic communication. What I mean by that is the client not understanding some of the terminology that the stylist is using and quite possibly the lack of terminology a client uses or uses incorrectly. Always bring pictures of styles you like and what you like about them. Stylist and colorists usually like pictures because they get an idea of what you’re thinking very quickly. Always ask for clarification when you do not understand an idea being described.

At this stage there has to be a certain amount of trust in the stylist.

Stay tuned for Part 3:…The Service