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Check it out! I particularly like #3,7 & 8.

Springtime is finally showing signs of life which means Summer is not too far behind. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about growing out those bangs you got in the Fall or Winter. So many times I’ve seen women walking around New York City in the middle of Summer with their bangs stuck to their forehead with sweat. Not a good look!

If you have a heavy bang like this picture, two things need to happen…



The first thing is to ask your stylist to texturize or thin out the ends to take the blunt edge out. This will collapse the weight and allow you to sweep them to the sides easier without being bulky. The second thing to decide is if you’re going to eventually wear your hair with a center part or side part. This is important because it will tell your stylist how to start subtly angling your bangs to grow out.


If you have a wispy, thin bang like the picture below, here are a few tips to grow them out.


I would suggest to actually add more hair to them. I know, sounds crazy but if you add a longer fringe over the existing wispy bangs it will camouflage and blend them into the rest of the haircut. You can add some face framing layers to add softness around the face and also to integrate and blend the bangs.

When all else fails…braid them away!


It’s quick, easy and braids are continuously on trend. Simple, clean and fresh!

Good luck, and stay cool!

This summer is kicking off-to-be a HOT one so far! To beat the heat and stay cool, I’ve been seeing a lot of girls in the city wearing textured, slightly disheveled top knots. That’s not so new, but what I’ve seen them accessorising with is! This leads me to the first thing I’m obsessed with which are these “Athens” double braided, leatherette headbands from What’s great about them is the price! They’re a steal at $10 and they come in a variety of colors from metallic to neon. I personally like the idea of wearing two at the same time for more of an impact.


The site has some unique and inexpensive hair accessories to add something special to your next updo.

The second thing I’m obsessed with is Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray. It’s my go-to product when working with hair that is too clean and soft. It creates an amazing foundation to do a variety of looks. It builds body, adds volume and creates texture to limp hair and also absorbs oil at the root. The other great things to note is the amazing fragrance and that it leaves no powdery residue!


So, try the two things together. Spray the Oribe spray throughout, from roots to ends and gather into a high ponytail. Next, lightly back brush the ponytail and loosely twist around the base of the ponytail and pin into place. Finish off with one or two of the “Athens” headbands. That’s it! It’s clean and fresh and current! That’s your July Hair Fix, enjoy!

I wanted to share with you an amazing, new product I’ve been using this past month. It’s called “Initialiste” from Kerastase.


It’s a skin care inspired super hair serum for the hair. Initialiste enhances the four attributes of hair beauty: Strength, Shine, Softness, and Substance. It works on any hair types and will transform your hair in 7 days.

That is the official Kerastase information, and I have to say that I’ve found it to be true. I’ve used Initialiste on several clients and have been really impressed with the results in just one use. I noticed a lot of shine, fullness, and the hair just looked and felt healthier. One of my clients even reported back that her blow dry lasted longer. She has fine hair and was concerned it would make her hair greasy or weigh it down…not the case at all!

It’s very easy to apply. You apply anywhere between 2-5 (depending on hair type) droppers of Initialiste to clean, towel-dried hair. Once you apply directly to the scalp in clean, straight sections from the nape to the front hairline, massage and comb through for even distribution. You will see maximum results after continued use, but see a noticeable difference after 7 days!!

So, what’s in it?

A complex called SP94, which is a name Kerastase came up with for this technology. It is comprised of a similar essential molecule found in healthy hair fiber. It readily absorbs into the hair to help enhance hair fiber’s resilience and it reinforces hair structure and strength throughout its length.

It also has ceramides, which reduce breakage by strengthening hair fiber’s internal cement. Conditioning agents nourish and soften hair fiber & green tea extract gives antioxidant protection.

So, if you’re looking to revive your hair from the long, dry winter I would definitely recommend Initialiste!

For the past few months I’ve been following the short, shoulder length bob with bangs trend. Well, after the First Lady unveiled her on-trend hair-do this week it’s here to stay! I wanted to share this link to an article that supports this hair trend.–174754413.html

As the article suggests, it’s only January…you might want to see if it lasts before chopping all your hair off. However, change is fun and ask yourself if you need to shake up your look this year?

I do love this look…within reason. I think Jenny McCarthy’s up-do Pompadour for the American Music Awards was great. It had just the right amount of volume and the balance was right on. I also love Ashlee Simpsons Pomp because it doesn’t look like a helmet and it has a lot of texture.

The wrong way to wear this trend would be the way Miley Cyrus and Pink are working it. Don’t get me wrong…I love me some Pink, but in both cases the hair is way to high and sculpted into unnatural positions. It has an 80’s immovable feel almost because of the amount of product. The hair should have a second day/just out of bed texture to it and then look as if it was pulled up rather quickly. It shouldn’t look so perfect. That’s what I like about McCarthy’s up-do.

Check out the link to the article, tell me what you think…


Wedding Hair

November 21, 2012 — 3 Comments

On October 13th, 2012 I had the unique pleasure of doing hair for 2 of my favorite clients at a wedding where one was the bride (Nancy Kim) and one was the maid of honor (Kate Bradbury). I did their hair at the beautiful Trump Soho hotel and residences.

After showing Nancy a few styles during her trial a month before we decided to put her hair up, but not high or too tight. Soft, romantic and a touch of vintage was the look we were going for. Nancy had a few embellished diamond combs that added just the right amount of bling. For Kate we wanted to show off her amazing ginger hair so we left it down with a vintage feel, but added one of the combs for a cohesive look between the bride and maid of honor.

Enjoy some of the “getting ready” photos from that fun day!