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Part 1: Researching a Salon

I think it’s really important, no matter what type of salon you’re visiting, to get the most you can out of your experience. There’s a little more legwork to do if you’re searching for a new salon but once you’ve found it you should expect the same whether it’s your first appointment or hundredth appointment.

What I normally tell friends and family (that don’t live close by and can’t see me) when they are looking to find a new salon is to do your research. A lot of my clients tell me time and time again of bad past experiences and I feel that I could have steered them in the right direction and spared them a lot of grief with a few gems of wisdom.

First and foremost, go online and see what review websites like Yelp & Citysearch are saying about the salon you’re interested in. When looking at these sites it’s important to not make a decision if you see one bad review. Look at the whole picture. Thinking of my own personal history with these sites I will have months and months of glowing reviews and then you scroll down and there it is! A nasty (not even bad or constructive) review and your heart sink’s and your stomach twists into a knot. I’m telling you from this side of the chair, and it’s true for any business, sometimes you try and try and you cannot please some people. Sometimes also, you think your client is happy, but they’re not and they don’t say anything until they go home and bash you online. This has never made sense to me…it’s very passive aggressive and the client suffers from not speaking up and getting something they didn’t want and the stylist suffers with a bad review that lives forever online.

Once you’ve found a salon through online review sites or a recommendation from a friend (which is always reliable) I suggest booking either a consultation or a blow dry. Both are risk free. You can go in and get the vibe of the salon, meet a stylist or colorist and see if you gel with them. You can hear what ideas they have for your hair and if it’s the direction you like or even better if their ideas are better than what you had in mind. You can also ask them how long they’ve been doing hair and what their personal cutting or coloring style is. When you’re figuring out the vibe of the salon, don’t forget to consider the receptionists…you’ll be interacting with them as well.

At this stage, see if you like the place.

Stay tuned for Part 2…The Consultation