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A Scandalous Up Do!

January 20, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Screen Actors Guild awards were on Saturday night, and there were some really beautiful hairstyles from the evening. I was looking through all of the styles and wanted to find a hairstyle that I could explain how to achieve the look at home. I wanted to find something that was simple, elegant and playful and could be worn to a formal event or to a Friday night dinner.

I chose Kerry Washington’s updo from the Screen Actors Guild awards. It’s clean, simple and fun!


There are a couple of things to consider for this style like, how high or low do you want the bun to sit and how much height do you want on top.

Step 1. With all of your hair down, take a round, “halo” section where you want the bun to sit. If it’s straight off the back of your head like in the picture then your section will sit somewhere in the lower crown area, above the occipital bone. The halo section will vary depending on hair density. The more hair you have the bigger the section.

Step 2. Gather that hair and make a ponytail. Slide a hair donut (matched to your hair shade. I prefer the donut to always be slightly darker than your hair color) over the ponytail and bobby pin into the round base of that section. The donut gives you the elevation off the back of the head without having to excessively backcomb.


Step 3. Gather all of the remaining hair, pull it back and over the hair donut and join to the existing ponytail. Place another ponytail holder over that section.

Step 4. Take the ponytail and lightly twist and coil around the base of that section, pin and secure.

If you are using a headband that has a velcro, snap or adjustable closure you can add it at this time. If you are using a headband that stretches to fit snugly to the head, put the headband on FIRST before any of the steps. Wear it around your neck and after you finish the last step you can pull it up and into place.

Finish with take a metal tailcomb and spray it with hairspray and glide it over the style to smooth out any fly away hairs.

Here are some other variations of the same look. Enjoy!



This summer is kicking off-to-be a HOT one so far! To beat the heat and stay cool, I’ve been seeing a lot of girls in the city wearing textured, slightly disheveled top knots. That’s not so new, but what I’ve seen them accessorising with is! This leads me to the first thing I’m obsessed with which are these “Athens” double braided, leatherette headbands from What’s great about them is the price! They’re a steal at $10 and they come in a variety of colors from metallic to neon. I personally like the idea of wearing two at the same time for more of an impact.


The site has some unique and inexpensive hair accessories to add something special to your next updo.

The second thing I’m obsessed with is Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray. It’s my go-to product when working with hair that is too clean and soft. It creates an amazing foundation to do a variety of looks. It builds body, adds volume and creates texture to limp hair and also absorbs oil at the root. The other great things to note is the amazing fragrance and that it leaves no powdery residue!


So, try the two things together. Spray the Oribe spray throughout, from roots to ends and gather into a high ponytail. Next, lightly back brush the ponytail and loosely twist around the base of the ponytail and pin into place. Finish off with one or two of the “Athens” headbands. That’s it! It’s clean and fresh and current! That’s your July Hair Fix, enjoy!

Let’s talk Oscars!

February 26, 2013 — 2 Comments

Ok, who watched the Oscars on Sunday? I went to an Oscars party, complete with voting ballots, Oscar bingo cards and amazing food! It was a long night though…I think the Oscars need to consider cutting a few categories like “Sound Mixing” and “Sound Editing”, and what’s the difference?

On to the fun stuff. Let’s dish on some hair do’s and dont’s. I have my own “Hair Fix” awards to hand out.

In the category of “Best Adapted Edited Short Pixie”, my winner is Charlize Theron!


In the category of “Best Production Design of an Updo”, my winner is Amanda Seyfried!


In the category of “Most Glamorous Feature Long Hairstyle”, my winner is Reese Witherspoon!


In the category of “Best Overall Visual Appearance of a Couple”, my winner is Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner!



Well, we made it through award season. Whew! I thought it would never end. We saw some amazing hair throughout the season…and of course there were some hairstyles that made my face do this…


Grammys Hair Exposed!

February 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

Does anyone else have awards show burn-out? I’m almost there! They always fall on a Sunday night in the middle of Downton Abbey.

The Grammys are always great celebrity watching. Even that style memo sent to all of the performers, presenters and attendees could not stop the hits and misses we saw last night.

When you think Grammys you think music and rock and roll. That can go one of two ways, really cool and edgy or tacky and hot mess. Here’s my choices for both categories.

I loved Rihanna’s long flowing locks! I think it’s the best her hair has ever looked. The soft honey highlights really lit up her skin and contrasted against that amazing red dress. I also loved Florence Welchs’ loose updo. It was the perfect amount of softness to play off of her emerald green lizard-like dress…now that’s what you expect from the Grammys! My final fave from the night is J. Lo’s top knot. I love that she’s not afraid to try new hair looks. Each outfit or awards show you get a whole new character from Jennifer. Kudos to her!


My least fave’s were Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Bonnie Mckee (never heard of her either!)

Katy’s hair is so one note. Her extensions are so long and heavy and there’s no dimension in her hair color. I never thought I’d want to see her crazy purple or turquoise hair come back, but at least that made a statement. Taylor Swift, really with the milk-maid braid? All of her songs are about bad break-ups (I’ve lost track. How many? 20?) yet she grasps to this persona of innocence and purity. Let your braid down and do something unexpected and wild…it’s the Grammys afterall! Seriously, who wears a milk-maid braid with a grecian goddess to the Grammys? Then we have Bonnie Mckee who I’ve never heard of, but like I said the Grammys can bring out tacky hot messes. What is happening here? Fire engine red and blonde hair pulled up into a thick wrap around braid…wow, edit much?


Whew, the Grammys were so long…it seemed like a 3 hour show.  Let’s rest up…the Oscars are in two weeks and I need my strength!

The SAG Awards were last night, did you watch? I did, well most of it at least (gimmie a break, Downton Abbey was on)!

Anyway, I saw the red carpet coverage which is the most important part for spotting hair trends, and hair that should have checked itself in the mirror one last time before stepping out the door!

My favorite trend that I spotted last night was hair that was styled over one shoulder with soft, light waves. It’s simple but glamorous, casual yet sophisticated. It’s also a great alternative to the all down or half up look.


I’m a big fan of hair just casually laying over one shoulder and not pinned into place. In most of these pictures the hair is long enough to do this and stay in place. If you’re hair is not quite long enough to stay in place on it’s own then try a soft loose braid or a roll/twist to one side. It will just stay better and you will be able to hide those pins you may have used.

I was not a fan of January Jones and Julia Stiles’ looks. I’m usually a big fan of January’s style, but in this case the look was too severe and overworked. Julia, while the look was fine, it did however, age her. She’s a young woman and the cut and style made her look pedestrian and older than her years.


I think the reason the hairstyles that worked so well just worked, is because the ones that worked used the hair as an “accessory”. Accessories like jewelry can throw off or add to a look just as much as the hair. The hair should never, in my opinion, be the main attraction. You should consider the whole look and how everything compliments each other.

I definitely will be using the over-the-shoulder waved look on some of my clients for their next big night out!

I’m off to rewatch Downton Abbey…it was that good!!

So, the Golden Globes were last night and there was some AMAZING hair and some not so amazing.

The Golden Globes are the “fun” awards show. There are celebrities from both TV and Film, there is dinner and lot’s of champagne. The dress code is generally a little more relaxed and less formal than the Oscars. So, with that said, here are my TOP PICKS for up-do’s, down-do’s, and everything in between.

My favorite down-do’s are Claire Danes and Lea Michele. What I love about these looks is that they’re glamorous but casual. A lot of the hairstyles that were worn down were a little too overworked for me, for this particular award show. Claire and Lea look effortless and allow the dress to be the star.


My least favortie down-do is Kelly Osbourne’s gray-purple, over-worked “Dame Edna” style. This “Fashion Police” host is clearly going for a look, but it’s a little been there, done that. We get it, you’re different.


My favorite up-do is Julianne Moore’s elegant but simple french twist. It’s so classic and understated. I love that this up-do adds to her whole look, but doesn’t overshadow or overpower her dress. It’s perfect.


My least favorite up-do is Amy Adam’s vintage-ish look. It looks a little crispy and overworked. For me, this does not add much to the dress. It’s also too formal and heavy-handed for the relaxed atmosphere of the Golden Globes.


Oh, yeah, and Helena Bonham Carter but that goes without saying…I love her as an actress, but I think she forgot to return her Les Miserables wig!


My Favorite short-do is Michelle Dockery’s wavy layered bob. It has just the right amount of layers to keep it from looking boxy. It’s soft and casual and let’s this detailed dress shine.


My least favorite short-do is Jodi Foster’s blunt bob. This shape only makes her jaw line look more square. It also does not compliment her glitzy dress. It’s flat, boring and misses the mark in my opinion.


Those are my top and bottom picks for Golden Globe hair styles. I’d love to hear from you if you feel I’ve missed anyone in either category! Vote below for your favorite hair from my picks.

Holiday Style

December 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

Are you looking for a simple but exquisite hairstyle for a special holiday party? Try this look from Jenny Packham’s 2013 runway show found on, written by .–twisted-ponytail-how-to-tutorial-34374.html

The nuances of this style are:

  1. you will have better luck if the hair is NOT clean. second day is best.
  2. a very deep side part on whichever side is natural for you.
  3. on the heavy side, start to gather and twist as you go (like a braid) and secure with pins. Do not try to smooth the hair and make it look perfect. It’s best when it looks gathered and textured.
  4. twist and gather until you reach behind the opposite ear and secure with an elastic or a variation is to continue twisting down the ponytail and pin-up like a bun.