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Springtime is finally showing signs of life which means Summer is not too far behind. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about growing out those bangs you got in the Fall or Winter. So many times I’ve seen women walking around New York City in the middle of Summer with their bangs stuck to their forehead with sweat. Not a good look!

If you have a heavy bang like this picture, two things need to happen…



The first thing is to ask your stylist to texturize or thin out the ends to take the blunt edge out. This will collapse the weight and allow you to sweep them to the sides easier without being bulky. The second thing to decide is if you’re going to eventually wear your hair with a center part or side part. This is important because it will tell your stylist how to start subtly angling your bangs to grow out.


If you have a wispy, thin bang like the picture below, here are a few tips to grow them out.


I would suggest to actually add more hair to them. I know, sounds crazy but if you add a longer fringe over the existing wispy bangs it will camouflage and blend them into the rest of the haircut. You can add some face framing layers to add softness around the face and also to integrate and blend the bangs.

When all else fails…braid them away!


It’s quick, easy and braids are continuously on trend. Simple, clean and fresh!

Good luck, and stay cool!


A Scandalous Up Do!

January 20, 2014 — Leave a comment

The Screen Actors Guild awards were on Saturday night, and there were some really beautiful hairstyles from the evening. I was looking through all of the styles and wanted to find a hairstyle that I could explain how to achieve the look at home. I wanted to find something that was simple, elegant and playful and could be worn to a formal event or to a Friday night dinner.

I chose Kerry Washington’s updo from the Screen Actors Guild awards. It’s clean, simple and fun!


There are a couple of things to consider for this style like, how high or low do you want the bun to sit and how much height do you want on top.

Step 1. With all of your hair down, take a round, “halo” section where you want the bun to sit. If it’s straight off the back of your head like in the picture then your section will sit somewhere in the lower crown area, above the occipital bone. The halo section will vary depending on hair density. The more hair you have the bigger the section.

Step 2. Gather that hair and make a ponytail. Slide a hair donut (matched to your hair shade. I prefer the donut to always be slightly darker than your hair color) over the ponytail and bobby pin into the round base of that section. The donut gives you the elevation off the back of the head without having to excessively backcomb.


Step 3. Gather all of the remaining hair, pull it back and over the hair donut and join to the existing ponytail. Place another ponytail holder over that section.

Step 4. Take the ponytail and lightly twist and coil around the base of that section, pin and secure.

If you are using a headband that has a velcro, snap or adjustable closure you can add it at this time. If you are using a headband that stretches to fit snugly to the head, put the headband on FIRST before any of the steps. Wear it around your neck and after you finish the last step you can pull it up and into place.

Finish with take a metal tailcomb and spray it with hairspray and glide it over the style to smooth out any fly away hairs.

Here are some other variations of the same look. Enjoy!


This summer is kicking off-to-be a HOT one so far! To beat the heat and stay cool, I’ve been seeing a lot of girls in the city wearing textured, slightly disheveled top knots. That’s not so new, but what I’ve seen them accessorising with is! This leads me to the first thing I’m obsessed with which are these “Athens” double braided, leatherette headbands from What’s great about them is the price! They’re a steal at $10 and they come in a variety of colors from metallic to neon. I personally like the idea of wearing two at the same time for more of an impact.


The site has some unique and inexpensive hair accessories to add something special to your next updo.

The second thing I’m obsessed with is Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray. It’s my go-to product when working with hair that is too clean and soft. It creates an amazing foundation to do a variety of looks. It builds body, adds volume and creates texture to limp hair and also absorbs oil at the root. The other great things to note is the amazing fragrance and that it leaves no powdery residue!


So, try the two things together. Spray the Oribe spray throughout, from roots to ends and gather into a high ponytail. Next, lightly back brush the ponytail and loosely twist around the base of the ponytail and pin into place. Finish off with one or two of the “Athens” headbands. That’s it! It’s clean and fresh and current! That’s your July Hair Fix, enjoy!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but April was a busy, busy month! I’ll give you the highlights then on to beach waves.

Through my salon, Antonio Prieto Salon, I did hair for a Great Gatsby event sponsored by Tiffany’s & Co. The looks were vintage and of that era…obviously;-D

We also did a photo shoot at the salon. We had 8-10 models come in and we just worked on looks that inspired us…got the creative juices flowing! Then we shot some pictures both for the salon and for our own portfolio’s. Here’s one of the looks I did.


I was also fortunate to work with bridal designer, Austin Scarlett (of Project Runway), to do hair for his bridal look book. It was a great experience and I was really pleased with how the hair, the beautiful dresses and the photos turned out. Take a look…


Now, on to new business. The weather is finally getting warmer and already I’m getting requests for beachy waves in my chair. So, let’s talk about what makes waves look like beachy waves.

First, important thing to identify is your hair type because each are approached differently. If you have fine to medium hair with a slight wave do not round brush blow dry your hair. Allow it to dry naturally or diffuse to keep the body. Apply a texture spray to bring out that day at the beach, second day hair feel. If you have medium to thick hair with a defined curl then you’ll want to smooth it out with a blow dryer and round brush. Apply an anti frizz serum to smooth the cuticle and ward off humidity.

Once the hair is dry use a curl stick, taking one inch sections and wrapping sections in alternating directions to give it a loose tousled feel. The most important thing and the key point to the look is the ends should never be curled! The ends should not come into contact with the curl stick. If you look at your hair just back from the beach the ends have texture and are almost never curly. Once all the hair has been loosely wrapped around the iron, flip your head over and rake through with just your fingers. I like, at this point, to use a matte finish hairspray to give the hair texture, cancel out any excess shine (which beach hair rarely has because of salt water) and some hair sprays have humidity resistant ingredients to protect against frizz.

Here’s a picture of Kate Hudson’s beach waves for inspiration.













So, that’s it in a nut shell! Everyone go practice…it’s only 3 weeks until Memorial Day weekend parties!

Great article, and I agree with just about every tip given. Not sure what they’re referring to by the under layer. It’s hard, even for me, to know what they’re trying to say without seeing it. Within the hair world we use different terminology to mean the same thing.

Anyway, I always like to share articles that are informative on subjects that I get asked a lot by my clients and friends. Enjoy!