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Cool Braid Alert!!

April 13, 2015 — Leave a comment

Shailene Woodley won several awards at the 2015 MTV movie awards, including Best Female Performance and Best Kiss for the movie, The Fault in Our Stars. She was also the recipient of the Trailblazer Award for The Fault in our Stars and the Divergent franchise.

Now normally I’m usually not a fan of her styling, but Shailene sported an amazing small dutch braid starting from the front of her hair around to the back where it was twisted into a small bun. To add to the look, her hair was slicked back on the opposite side while the top added loose height to create texture and balance to the shape.

The main reason I’m a big fan of this look is that it shows even with shorter hairstyles you can add big drama to them with braids. Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m mad about braids! I love doing them, learning different variations, and integrating them into a hairstyle whenever possible. Another reason is, it’s perfect for summer and on trend with the bohemian hair look. Lastly, if you do have a short hairstyle that you’re in the process of growing out through perhaps and awkward stage this look or a similar look is a great solution.



Springtime is finally showing signs of life which means Summer is not too far behind. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about growing out those bangs you got in the Fall or Winter. So many times I’ve seen women walking around New York City in the middle of Summer with their bangs stuck to their forehead with sweat. Not a good look!

If you have a heavy bang like this picture, two things need to happen…



The first thing is to ask your stylist to texturize or thin out the ends to take the blunt edge out. This will collapse the weight and allow you to sweep them to the sides easier without being bulky. The second thing to decide is if you’re going to eventually wear your hair with a center part or side part. This is important because it will tell your stylist how to start subtly angling your bangs to grow out.


If you have a wispy, thin bang like the picture below, here are a few tips to grow them out.


I would suggest to actually add more hair to them. I know, sounds crazy but if you add a longer fringe over the existing wispy bangs it will camouflage and blend them into the rest of the haircut. You can add some face framing layers to add softness around the face and also to integrate and blend the bangs.

When all else fails…braid them away!


It’s quick, easy and braids are continuously on trend. Simple, clean and fresh!

Good luck, and stay cool!

Grammys Hair Exposed!

February 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

Does anyone else have awards show burn-out? I’m almost there! They always fall on a Sunday night in the middle of Downton Abbey.

The Grammys are always great celebrity watching. Even that style memo sent to all of the performers, presenters and attendees could not stop the hits and misses we saw last night.

When you think Grammys you think music and rock and roll. That can go one of two ways, really cool and edgy or tacky and hot mess. Here’s my choices for both categories.

I loved Rihanna’s long flowing locks! I think it’s the best her hair has ever looked. The soft honey highlights really lit up her skin and contrasted against that amazing red dress. I also loved Florence Welchs’ loose updo. It was the perfect amount of softness to play off of her emerald green lizard-like dress…now that’s what you expect from the Grammys! My final fave from the night is J. Lo’s top knot. I love that she’s not afraid to try new hair looks. Each outfit or awards show you get a whole new character from Jennifer. Kudos to her!


My least fave’s were Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Bonnie Mckee (never heard of her either!)

Katy’s hair is so one note. Her extensions are so long and heavy and there’s no dimension in her hair color. I never thought I’d want to see her crazy purple or turquoise hair come back, but at least that made a statement. Taylor Swift, really with the milk-maid braid? All of her songs are about bad break-ups (I’ve lost track. How many? 20?) yet she grasps to this persona of innocence and purity. Let your braid down and do something unexpected and wild…it’s the Grammys afterall! Seriously, who wears a milk-maid braid with a grecian goddess to the Grammys? Then we have Bonnie Mckee who I’ve never heard of, but like I said the Grammys can bring out tacky hot messes. What is happening here? Fire engine red and blonde hair pulled up into a thick wrap around braid…wow, edit much?


Whew, the Grammys were so long…it seemed like a 3 hour show.  Let’s rest up…the Oscars are in two weeks and I need my strength!

Braids, Braids, Braids

December 3, 2012 — Leave a comment

I’m really inspired by braids and how they can be worn in all aspects of life and how they can transform a look from simple to intricate, innocent to wild or from elegant to avant-garde.  A braid can be worn to work, a weekend at the beach, a night out on the town, and used in a wedding party or by the bride herself. They’re just fun.

I like the idea of mixing different types of braids together and pulling the braid apart to deconstruct it for interesting textures. I also like the idea of using braids to create different shapes and proportions.

These are a few of my own braid creations, but I love to go on and search the hundreds of braid pictures for ideas and inspiration. You can also find a lot of braiding how-to videos on

So, experiment and have fun!


Rope Braid




Two French Braids pulled apart


Two Fishtails pulled apart