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Springtime is finally showing signs of life which means Summer is not too far behind. It’s the perfect time to start thinking about growing out those bangs you got in the Fall or Winter. So many times I’ve seen women walking around New York City in the middle of Summer with their bangs stuck to their forehead with sweat. Not a good look!

If you have a heavy bang like this picture, two things need to happen…



The first thing is to ask your stylist to texturize or thin out the ends to take the blunt edge out. This will collapse the weight and allow you to sweep them to the sides easier without being bulky. The second thing to decide is if you’re going to eventually wear your hair with a center part or side part. This is important because it will tell your stylist how to start subtly angling your bangs to grow out.


If you have a wispy, thin bang like the picture below, here are a few tips to grow them out.


I would suggest to actually add more hair to them. I know, sounds crazy but if you add a longer fringe over the existing wispy bangs it will camouflage and blend them into the rest of the haircut. You can add some face framing layers to add softness around the face and also to integrate and blend the bangs.

When all else fails…braid them away!


It’s quick, easy and braids are continuously on trend. Simple, clean and fresh!

Good luck, and stay cool!


For the past few months I’ve been following the short, shoulder length bob with bangs trend. Well, after the First Lady unveiled her on-trend hair-do this week it’s here to stay! I wanted to share this link to an article that supports this hair trend.–174754413.html

As the article suggests, it’s only January…you might want to see if it lasts before chopping all your hair off. However, change is fun and ask yourself if you need to shake up your look this year?

First Lady 2.0! BANG BANG!

January 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

First Lady, Michelle Obama’s bangs almost have a life of their own. They even have ther own TWITTER account! As soon as they were cut they tweeted out a picture of themselves and for good reason! I LOVE these bangs! In the past Michelle has flirted with a side swept fringe, but this time she went full-on. They do all the right things for Michelle’s beautiful diamond-ish face shape. These bangs allow her great cheek bones to stand out by taking the focus away from her forehead. They also turn what can be a boring, in-between length into something much more chic and sophisticated.

Here’s to 4 more years of great hair and surprises from First Lady, Michelle Obama.


2013 Hair Trend

January 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

My first blog post ever in 2012 was about the Lob (Long Bob). I talked about the versatility of this style and how it’s a great choice if you have long hair but are afraid to make a huge change. Well, according to this hairstyle is still going to be a favorite in 2013 as seen on model Anja Rubik in this Dolce & Gabbana ad for Elle UK, February 2013.


The key to this style is the perfect length. It should be an inch to two inches below the shoulder. It can be worn with or without a fringe/bang. The fringe can be wispy like in this ad or a heavy, blunt  bang can be added. This style should not be overly styled. The goal is messy textured waves.

If you’re looking for a new look and want to be on trend for 2013 give this look a try.

I adore Kate Middleton’s new fringe! In this side-by-side photo you can see what it does for her face. Listen, Kate is gorgeous and can wear anything. That being said, this long side swept fringe adds drama to her cheekbones, makes her neck look longer and gives her hair movement. The whole look is fresh and modern. A+

I often suggest a long fringe to my own clients that want a change, but don’t want to lose an inch of their length or don’t want to add layers. It’s really low risk with high impact. There’s enough change that makes it look dramatic without altering the rest of your haircut. Also, at the length of Kate’s fringe they can be tucked, pinned or pulled back…they’re very versatile if you’re looking to change up your look.

Check out the original article here…