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August 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

Hi All,


It’s been a busy, fantastic summer (hence not blogging in a while). Although I’ve been busy soaking up some sun before the fall and winter hits, I have been fortunate to write a few hair related press articles. The first one is on It’s a “how to” step-by-step.

The second article was featured on I was asked to comment on one picture out of a serious of six regarding fall trends.

Check them out!



Check it out! I particularly like #3,7 & 8.

For the past few months I’ve been following the short, shoulder length bob with bangs trend. Well, after the First Lady unveiled her on-trend hair-do this week it’s here to stay! I wanted to share this link to an article that supports this hair trend.–174754413.html

As the article suggests, it’s only January…you might want to see if it lasts before chopping all your hair off. However, change is fun and ask yourself if you need to shake up your look this year?

First post of 2013! I hope everyone had a fun, and safe New Year’s Eve.

I found a great article that I wanted to share with you.

It’s a topic that comes up a lot in my chair with my clients. Everyone wants shinier, thicker hair, right? This article focuses on achieving shine and fuller, thicker hair for aging hair. I’ll give you my two cents.

I’ve had to delve into some of my client’s whole hair routine to find out why they never feel like their hair looks shiny. Most of my clients color their hair. If you are more than 50% gray and happen to be 40+ years, your hair is unpigmented and changing. The hair may become coarse and dryer than you ever remember. The latter is the segment of my clients that strive for shine.

The article says to look for products with phenyl trimethicone and dimethicone, which will give you shine. I also like a product that has those key ingredients but is also geared specifically toward color preservation without weighing hair down or making it feel greasy. I would recommend Fluide Chroma Riche by Kerastase. This fluid is lightweight, has a UV filter to protect color, has a softening effect (which is great for unpigmented/coarse hair) and gives hair a reflective quality.


The second part of the article covers thicker hair. Specifically thinning hair. Not everyone with mature hair (40+ and/or unpigmented) has thinning hair, but usually will experience a change in their hair. Usually there’s a loss of vitality or the scalp becoming dryer. A great product to combat these symptoms is Bain Substantif by Kerastase. This formula has hyaluronic acid to rebalance the scalp and is infused with collagen to plump the hair strands.


When it comes to thinning hair I’ve heard a lot about the enzyme 5 alpha reductase mentioned in the article. This enzyme creates DHT, which has a thinning effect on hair. Taurine, D-Biotine, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Trifolium Pratense (Clover) Flower Extract and the supplement saw palmetto berries can cleanse the scalp of DHT. These things will put the brakes on hair loss, however the only thing found to successfully regrow hair is Minoxidil.

So shake up your hair regimen.

Holiday Style

December 19, 2012 — Leave a comment

Are you looking for a simple but exquisite hairstyle for a special holiday party? Try this look from Jenny Packham’s 2013 runway show found on, written by .–twisted-ponytail-how-to-tutorial-34374.html

The nuances of this style are:

  1. you will have better luck if the hair is NOT clean. second day is best.
  2. a very deep side part on whichever side is natural for you.
  3. on the heavy side, start to gather and twist as you go (like a braid) and secure with pins. Do not try to smooth the hair and make it look perfect. It’s best when it looks gathered and textured.
  4. twist and gather until you reach behind the opposite ear and secure with an elastic or a variation is to continue twisting down the ponytail and pin-up like a bun.


This is a great article for those of you with round face shapes, although a few of the celebrities actually have square faces. I think the best examples, in this article, of round face shapes and great haircuts are Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Great article, and I agree with just about every tip given. Not sure what they’re referring to by the under layer. It’s hard, even for me, to know what they’re trying to say without seeing it. Within the hair world we use different terminology to mean the same thing.

Anyway, I always like to share articles that are informative on subjects that I get asked a lot by my clients and friends. Enjoy!