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I know it’s been a while since my last post, but April was a busy, busy month! I’ll give you the highlights then on to beach waves.

Through my salon, Antonio Prieto Salon, I did hair for a Great Gatsby event sponsored by Tiffany’s & Co. The looks were vintage and of that era…obviously;-D

We also did a photo shoot at the salon. We had 8-10 models come in and we just worked on looks that inspired us…got the creative juices flowing! Then we shot some pictures both for the salon and for our own portfolio’s. Here’s one of the looks I did.


I was also fortunate to work with bridal designer, Austin Scarlett (of Project Runway), to do hair for his bridal look book. It was a great experience and I was really pleased with how the hair, the beautiful dresses and the photos turned out. Take a look…


Now, on to new business. The weather is finally getting warmer and already I’m getting requests for beachy waves in my chair. So, let’s talk about what makes waves look like beachy waves.

First, important thing to identify is your hair type because each are approached differently. If you have fine to medium hair with a slight wave do not round brush blow dry your hair. Allow it to dry naturally or diffuse to keep the body. Apply a texture spray to bring out that day at the beach, second day hair feel. If you have medium to thick hair with a defined curl then you’ll want to smooth it out with a blow dryer and round brush. Apply an anti frizz serum to smooth the cuticle and ward off humidity.

Once the hair is dry use a curl stick, taking one inch sections and wrapping sections in alternating directions to give it a loose tousled feel. The most important thing and the key point to the look is the ends should never be curled! The ends should not come into contact with the curl stick. If you look at your hair just back from the beach the ends have texture and are almost never curly. Once all the hair has been loosely wrapped around the iron, flip your head over and rake through with just your fingers. I like, at this point, to use a matte finish hairspray to give the hair texture, cancel out any excess shine (which beach hair rarely has because of salt water) and some hair sprays have humidity resistant ingredients to protect against frizz.

Here’s a picture of Kate Hudson’s beach waves for inspiration.













So, that’s it in a nut shell! Everyone go practice…it’s only 3 weeks until Memorial Day weekend parties!