Flexing your muscle

November 27, 2012 — 2 Comments

I have a quick story/observation about today’s class and I only bring it up because this is something I’ve noticed with other classes I’ve taken in the past. Whenever you get a group of hairstylists together that don’t know each other something really interesting happens, and it’s not always good.

Like I said in my previous post, there was 25-30 of us in the class. We worked at small rectangular tables, 4 per table. The 3 other stylists at my table were from the same salon, F******* F**** (you figure it out). Now, even though in high school I was fairly popular I’ve never experienced first hand being shunned. I tried some icebreakers, eye contact, and blatantly interjecting myself into their conversations. I definitely chose the wrong table.

I think what happens with hairstylists, specifically in NYC, is that when they come from a salon that is owned by someone famous they think that their personal work is somehow legitimized and flawless. It was a little amusing really because while their skills were fair at best, the self-proclaimed importance was over the top.  Btw, in a side by side split screen comparison, I totally smoked them with every look. Snap!

As an educational director I’m really interested in raising the bar for fellow stylists by sharing knowledge I learn from classes like these and through things I’ve figured out along the way on my own. It’s counterproductive, in my opinion, to go to a training class, to work on your craft, and then pose like you’re too good for it, or too good to work with other people in your industry.

So, I’m curious to ask my legion’s of blog followers. Does this happen in your profession? Do other people in your profession need to flex their muscle (importance) during seminars, conferences, meetings, etc…?


2 responses to Flexing your muscle


    Attorneys are the worst! Just kidding; I think it really depends on the type of conference. In public interest, most people are pretty opening/welcoming and willing to share ideas. I was at another conference fairly recently for law school career services professionals and recruiters from big law firms, and there was definitely less open-ness/friendliness. However, there are always snotty and arrogant people anywhere you go!

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