The Inside Scoop to Getting the Most Out of Your Hair Appointment: Part 3

November 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

Part 3: The Service

Once the consultation is completed and there is a clear plan with your cut, there are a few things to keep in mind during the actual service.

Most salons, again no matter what the price point is will offer a type of moisture or strengthening treatment to be performed after the shampoo. I usually talk about them during the consultation if the stylist feels that the condition of your hair could be enhanced or improved by them. These treatments are typically a more concentrated, advanced formulation of the hair care line the salon carries. I definitely believe in them and over the years have seen how beneficial they can be. Most of my clients like the shine, softness, strength, and manageability they get from treatments.

Once you’re back in the chair and the service has started, relax and enjoy a beverage. A few things to keep in mind though:

  • Get to know your stylist (a pro will let you do most of the talking…it’s about you!)
  • Watch how the cut is progressing, but don’t micromanage.
  • If there is a concern about the haircut, ask…don’t wait until the end of the appointment and say you don’t like it.
  • No one wants a re-do, especially the stylist. They want you to be happy with their work and you to feel good about yourself
  • They stylist will move your head into positions that are suitable and comfortable for them. Stylists are on their feet, arms in the air, and bending in different positions for eight hours a day…the client is only in the chair for 45min to an hour. Also, certain head positions allow the stylist to cut more accurately…so stay still!

After the cut but before the blow-dry, the stylist should discuss what hair care products will be used on your hair, how much and why. They should also talk to you about what brush will work best with your hair type and texture. I personally believe in hair care products purchased in the salon than in the drugstore for a few reasons:

  • You’re more likely to get better results from a hair care product if a professional that is familiar with the product is recommending it for your hair type that they’re also familiar with. I often have clients that pick up products from a drugstore or Sephora because they think it’s cheaper or they don’t perceive it as different enough from what I’m recommending. However the result usually is that product didn’t work for them. It’s not to say that it’s not a perfectly good product, but it’s not right for their hair or what they’re trying to achieve.

After the hair has been blown out, usually the stylist will detail, finish and personalize your haircut. Don’t get scared… this step really brings the haircut to life. Weight can be removed to add lightness and softness. It’s also a good time to cut or trim the fringe area. A lot of people have hair horror stories of “the scissors with the teeth”. If you’re in good hands this technique can be an asset. Who wants a heavy hair do that doesn’t move?

So, thanks for reading this 3 part entry to help you get the most from your hair appointment! Enjoy.


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