To Lob, Or Not to Lob?

November 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

What is a Lob you ask? It’s a Long-Bob. I have a lot of clients that like the idea of a Bob and how simple it can be to manage but do not like how heavy and dense it can look. The Lob serves a lot of face shapes and hair types as well.

I find myself suggesting this haircut behind the chair a lot. A perfect example is two clients I had this month on separate occasions. My first lady was enjoying a long layered haircut we had been doing for a while but was feeling like she wanted a change and possibly wanted to go shorter. She was understandably afraid to lose a style she loved and the length. My second client I was helping grow out a shorter style we had been doing for a while, but didn’t want anything too high maintenance. In both situations I suggested a Lob.

I told my long layered lady during our consultation that a Lob would fulfill her need for a change, and wanting to go shorter. What’s so great about this haircut is that a Lob can range anywhere from 2 inches below your shoulders to an inch above your shoulders. I suggested a length just skimming the shoulders and slightly longer toward the face.  If she finds that she misses her long hair within eight weeks it will be just below the shoulder again which will make it feel like a longer haircut. It’s really such a transformative style.

With my shorter hair lady I also suggested a lob, but with a length hitting an inch off the shoulders. I knew it would be a good goal to work toward and keeping it off the shoulder will still feel like a shorter style to her. For either length the keys to making this style work is light-long layering, undercutting, texturizing and removing weight. Without these techniques you will be walking the streets with a heavy, blunt triangle sitting on your shoulders. The ends should feel light and piecey. The silhouette should be sleek and have internal movement.

My all-time favorite example of this is Jennifer Aniston’s Lob.



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